Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat: Chief Operating Officer

Richard Kowalchuk is the Chief Operating Officer at EnerStar, an oil industry supplier company based in Medicine Hat, and with offices throughout North America. The company provides modern and fully equipped trailers, along with other accommodation solutions, to the well sites of oil and gas companies in the United States and Canada.

Richard Kowalchuk first came to EnerStar as a contract Vice President of Special Projects and Sales in 2010. “I build processes for…EnerStar and its subsidiaries to develop a repeatable process to encourage growth,” he observed. Because of his efforts to develop a new sales procedure, the company’s national contracts increased by seven hundred percent over a three-year period. A typical EnerStar unit has about 750 square feet of living space. Because some oil fields are located in particularly brutal climates, the company’s arctic package includes heavily closed cell insulated walls, floors and ceilings. They include all the comforts of home, with features such as instant hot water, high back office chairs, leather couches, and pillow top mattresses. Each unit is manufactured to meet exacting safety standards that include smoke and CO2 detectors throughout the unit.

During the oil industry downturn, Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat was able to reduce EnerStar’s operating budget by sixty percent, while maintaining high satisfaction levels among its customers and employees. When the Medicine Hat, Alberta executive isn’t at work, he enjoys being active in his community. He is a big fan of the Denver Broncos football team, which capped its 2015-2016 season with an NFL championship victory in the Super Bowl.


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