Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat: Outside the Box

Richard Kowalchuk is an executive for an oil industry supplier company based in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He is the Chief Operating Officer for EnerStar, a company that provides fully equipped trailers and other accommodations, for use at well sites in the oil and gas industry. He started working with EnerStar in 2010 as a contract Vice President, and assumed his current position in 2016.

At the end of 2014, as EnerStar’s Vice President for Special Projects and Sales, he developed a wellsite trailer resale line called Outside the Box Housing “”, offering transportable homes to customers throughout North America. The units combine affordability, flexibility and transportability, and can be used as homes on recreation properties, as alternatives to tiny homes, or for use as just about any type of living space imaginable. Because of low oil prices and a resulting slowdown in the oil industry in 2015, Outside the Box has an abundance of unused rig site housing units. Most of them, Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat explains, have about 750 square feet of living space and can be adapted to just about any kind of living arrangement. The beauty of having an Outside the Box unit is that they can be considered an investment. When the energy market rebounds, the units can to put back out into the energy market, and sold at a profit.

Also checkout Richard Kowalchuk crunchbase profile.


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