Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat: New Ventures and Opportunities

Richard Kowalchuk is the Chief Operating Officer for EnerStar, a provider of accommodation solutions to the energy industry. With offices in Medicine Hat, Alberta and five locations throughout the United States, the company rents fully equipped well-site trailers and other portable living quarters used in the oil and gas industries.

As the company COO, Richard Kowalchuk looks for new ventures and opportunities for the company. “I have been involved in all new startup innovations and property development,” he explains. “I work with management in forecasting and budgeting new and existing growth opportunities.”

He began working for EnerStar as a contract Vice President of Special Projects in 2010. His job at that time was to develop real estate for EnerStar operations in the Bakken Oilfield in North Dakota. He later developed a manufacturing facility to build procedures and building practices for the manufacturing side of the business. He became COO in 2016, tasked with developing and moving EnerStar through a downturn in the energy industry, by turning the company into an integrated oilfield service company. In addition to accommodations rentals, EnerStar now provides water, sewer services, remote communications systems, and surface rentals. He is credited with reducing the company’s operating budget by sixty percent, while maintaining high levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

When he isn’t at work, Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat is interested in cooking and reading. He is active in community, and is also a fan of the Denver Broncos. He attended the University of Lethbridge in Alberta.


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