Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Reasons to Consider Modular Building

Richard Kowalchuk is a businessman in Medicine Hat, Alberta, who works with EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd. The company rents portable modular-built trailers and living quarters to oil and gas industry companies.

With points like those below, it’s no surprise that professionals such as Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk are giving modular building their support:

•    It’s Increasing in Popularity for a Reason. According to the FMI Prefab and Modular Construction Survey in 2013, thirty-five percent of United States contractors are using modular designs, as compared to eleven percent in the 2010 survey. This number continues to rise with each passing year.

From healthcare to family housing, construction industries everywhere are turning to modular building as a way to cut costs, improve quality and move with modern advancement.

•   Quality Standards are Higher. Quality is among the top reasons that modular building is gaining popularity so quickly. With strict regulations, quality control in modular building is second to none. Unlike in traditional construction, modular buildings are assembled in climate-controlled environments that protect the materials from the elements.

All building materials for modular building are also stored in controlled environments. These same environments allow workers to build in greater comfort with a greater ability to produce quality work.

•   Build Times are Faster. With construction teams working in comfortable environments, using controlled techniques with convenient equipment, build times are faster than with traditional projects.

Weather delays are also eliminated, which removes one of the most common construction site delays.

Professionals like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta, support modular building not just as rentable living quarters for oil and gas industry clients, but for all people, from young families to successful businesspeople.

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