Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Reasons to Consider Relocatable Housing

Richard Kowalchuk is a successful professional based in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He is the Chief Operating Officer of EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd., which supplies relocatable housing to oil and gas industry companies in need of living quarters for their workers.

Relocatable housing isn’t just for oil and gas industry workers, though. If you ask someone like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk, relocatable housing is an ideal option for families everywhere. Reasons like those below are just some of many to consider if you’re looking at purchasing a home for you or your loved ones:

•    Stronger. Housing that is meant to be transported, often hundreds of miles, requires extra reinforcement to avoid transit damage. They must flex to accommodate movement and wind, which is something that traditional housing is not required to withstand. Thus, relocatable housing is naturally stronger than many other living options, reducing risk for you and your family.

•    Faster. Relocatable housing is built in a fraction of the time that the traditional home build required. You bypass dealing with individual contractors and crossing your fingers for good weather, instead working with reputable companies who can build in a controlled environment regardless of weather. Rather than waiting years, you wait a handful of months for your home to be complete.

•    Cheaper. Though relocatable homes are convenient if you wish to move, stronger to withstand transport and faster to build, you pay less than you would for a stick-built home. This, for many, is the bottom line when selecting housing.

Before you write off relocatable housing as an option for you, speak with a specialist in your area to learn more about why professionals like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat support it as an intelligent option for people of all backgrounds.

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