Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Successful Container Gardening

Richard Kowalchuk is a successful businessman in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Though his work with EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd., as the Chief Operating Officer keeps his schedule full, gardening and other relaxing hobbies still earn his attention.

Container gardening is among the easiest ways to begin, as it is forgiving, viable for city dwellings and requires minimal space. A few seasons of following tips like those below and you’ll be growing with seasoned gardeners like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk:

•    Plants Need Food. You won’t leave a pet without food and you shouldn’t leave your plants without food either. Most potting soil comes blended with nutrients, but after the plants absorb the food included, they will need more to continue thriving.

Whether you opt for liquid fertilizer, fertilizer pellets or homemade compost is dependent on your preferences and types of plants. Do your research and feed your plants at least once per season.

•    Save Plant Tags. Plants come with tags for a reason. Not only should you read them, you should save these tags for later reference. The recommendations for light, water, fertilization and care can help you troubleshoot a dying plant, saving it.

To avoid unsightly plastic sticking up from your soil, keep plant tags in an envelope inside, tuck them below soil level near the planter rim or store them beneath the planter for easy access.

•    Group Your Plants. Select plants with similar needs to group in your space based on lighting and watering needs. This is useful for beginners who need all the help that they can get to care for their green friends.

Don’t give up if you don’t have a green thumb yet – you’ll get there. Even seasoned gardeners like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat accidentally kill plants and deal with regular flops.

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