Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat Developed EnerStar, Five Star, 1667714 Alberta Limited

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, the Chief Operating Officer of EnerStar Rentals and Services, has proven his worth in his ability to reduce the operating budget of EnerStar Rentals & Services by over 60%, even while keeping the company’s significant customer and employee satisfaction levels.  Chief Operating Officer since January 2016, Kowalchuk has used his knowledge of systems operation to create a service model which promotes and produces exceptional customer satisfaction, even during times of commodity downturn.  In Kowalchuk’s capacity as a Vice President of Projects & Sales, he has worked to perfect procedures for the manufacture of Well-Site trailers.  Kowalchuk has maintained quality control on trailer builds even while promoting a trailer resale line and putting forward the sales of wellsite trailers of other companies in order to increase revenue.  Kowalchuk has been robust and energetic in his use of social media for EnerStar Rentals and Services for sales, including Facebook, website and YouTub

Richard Kowalchuk has been the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Five Star Oilfield Communications Incorporated since 2014, during which time he began the remote communications company.  Kowalchuk is proud of the profitability of Five Star Oilfield even at its startup, since he built the company from the ground up.  Kowalchuk was able to pay back his startup financing within a year of starting Five Star Oilfield Communications Incorporated, even given the market down turn during that time period.

Concurrent with his current positions with Five Star Oilfield Communications Incorporated and EnerStar Rentals & Services Limited, Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat has been President of Alberta Limited since January of 2010.  Alberta LTD provides contract management services to a wide variety of companies, including EnerStar Rentals and Services LTD, EnerStar Trailers LP, EnerStar Services LTD, OTB Housing, FiveStar Oilfield Communications, Alberta LTD, Medicine Hat Properties and BASE Oilfield Trailers.

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