Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat Committed to Improving Community

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat in Alberta, Canada was a member of the Medicine Hat Cypress Club, a private business club, from 1998 to 2010. As a President, vice President and Director of this group, Kowalchuk worked to retain current members and attract new ones while assisting renovations of an historic building project. Kowalchuk also joined and was active with the Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat from 1996 to 2001, where he acted as Treasurer and Director as well as serving as a chair on committees. Kowalchuk found time to be President of and a Coach in the Medicine Hat Tackle Football Association from 1998 to 2000 and again from 2003 to 2005. Kowalchuk was a member of the Medicine Hat Soccer Association from 2002 to 2005, the Medicine Hat Minor Hockey Association from 1997 to 1998, and was honored by the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce in being named to the Top 40 under 40 in 2007.

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat in Alberta, Canada is a multitasking entrepreneur. Kowalchuk is working to advance his EnerStar Rentals & Services LTD as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Special Projects in addition to his position as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer of Five Star Oilfield Communications Incorporated. Kowalchuk is also President of 1667714 Alberta LTD, which specializes in offering contractual management services. In addition to his passion for entrepreneurship, Kowalchuk is an avid and dedicated community volunteer. Kowalchuk has been a long-standing member of such service organizations as Rotary Club Medicine Hat, the Medicine Hat Cypress Club and the Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat, as well as participating in the Tackle Football Association and the Medicine Hat Soccer Association. Kowalchuk can truly say that high on his hobby list is his passion for community involvement.

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Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat Graduate of Lethbridge in Alberta

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat graduated from the University of Lethbridge, a publicly funded academic and research university in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.  With academic scores in the top quartile of his class at Lethbridge, Kowalchuk had also so effectively managed his time that he was able to take a full course load while working as a supervisor at local Earl’s Restaurant.  Kowalchuk placed an inventory control system in place while at Earl’s, and credits his direct customer contact there with his insightful understanding of customers today.

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 1991 with a Bachelor’s of Management degree concentrated in Marketing as a major.  The University of Lethbridge, also known as U of L, is a relatively young institution, having been established in 1967.  Lethbridge offers both graduate and undergraduate programs, with special expertise in areas of neuroscience through the Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neuroscience and its leadership in water research.  Kowalchuk studied Marketing under Lethbridge’s Faculty of Management and participated in the Co-op Program with Alberta Treasury Branch and Time Air, as well as participating in the University of Queens business case competition.

Richard Kowalchuk lives and works today in Medicine Hat in southeast Alberta in Canada.  Medicine Hat came in as the sixth largest city in Alberta in 2016 census results, with a population of 63,230.  Medicine Hat is strategically located at the junction of the Trans-Canada Highway, the Crowsnest Highway and the South Saskatchewan River.  Medicine Hat’s nickname is The Gas City, so named for the large natural gas fields which lie beneath its surface.  Medicine Hat, so named for a Blackfoot Native American tribal word which indicates the eagle tail feather headdress of medicine men, has been a natural gathering place since the days of the Blackfoot, Cree and Assiniboine residencies in the valley.

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Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat Developed EnerStar, Five Star, 1667714 Alberta Limited

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, the Chief Operating Officer of EnerStar Rentals and Services, has proven his worth in his ability to reduce the operating budget of EnerStar Rentals & Services by over 60%, even while keeping the company’s significant customer and employee satisfaction levels.  Chief Operating Officer since January 2016, Kowalchuk has used his knowledge of systems operation to create a service model which promotes and produces exceptional customer satisfaction, even during times of commodity downturn.  In Kowalchuk’s capacity as a Vice President of Projects & Sales, he has worked to perfect procedures for the manufacture of Well-Site trailers.  Kowalchuk has maintained quality control on trailer builds even while promoting a trailer resale line and putting forward the sales of wellsite trailers of other companies in order to increase revenue.  Kowalchuk has been robust and energetic in his use of social media for EnerStar Rentals and Services for sales, including Facebook, website and YouTub

Richard Kowalchuk has been the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Five Star Oilfield Communications Incorporated since 2014, during which time he began the remote communications company.  Kowalchuk is proud of the profitability of Five Star Oilfield even at its startup, since he built the company from the ground up.  Kowalchuk was able to pay back his startup financing within a year of starting Five Star Oilfield Communications Incorporated, even given the market down turn during that time period.

Concurrent with his current positions with Five Star Oilfield Communications Incorporated and EnerStar Rentals & Services Limited, Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat has been President of Alberta Limited since January of 2010.  Alberta LTD provides contract management services to a wide variety of companies, including EnerStar Rentals and Services LTD, EnerStar Trailers LP, EnerStar Services LTD, OTB Housing, FiveStar Oilfield Communications, Alberta LTD, Medicine Hat Properties and BASE Oilfield Trailers.

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Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Successful Container Gardening

Richard Kowalchuk is a successful businessman in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Though his work with EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd., as the Chief Operating Officer keeps his schedule full, gardening and other relaxing hobbies still earn his attention.

Container gardening is among the easiest ways to begin, as it is forgiving, viable for city dwellings and requires minimal space. A few seasons of following tips like those below and you’ll be growing with seasoned gardeners like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk:

•    Plants Need Food. You won’t leave a pet without food and you shouldn’t leave your plants without food either. Most potting soil comes blended with nutrients, but after the plants absorb the food included, they will need more to continue thriving.

Whether you opt for liquid fertilizer, fertilizer pellets or homemade compost is dependent on your preferences and types of plants. Do your research and feed your plants at least once per season.

•    Save Plant Tags. Plants come with tags for a reason. Not only should you read them, you should save these tags for later reference. The recommendations for light, water, fertilization and care can help you troubleshoot a dying plant, saving it.

To avoid unsightly plastic sticking up from your soil, keep plant tags in an envelope inside, tuck them below soil level near the planter rim or store them beneath the planter for easy access.

•    Group Your Plants. Select plants with similar needs to group in your space based on lighting and watering needs. This is useful for beginners who need all the help that they can get to care for their green friends.

Don’t give up if you don’t have a green thumb yet – you’ll get there. Even seasoned gardeners like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat accidentally kill plants and deal with regular flops.

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Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Reasons to Consider Relocatable Housing

Richard Kowalchuk is a successful professional based in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He is the Chief Operating Officer of EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd., which supplies relocatable housing to oil and gas industry companies in need of living quarters for their workers.

Relocatable housing isn’t just for oil and gas industry workers, though. If you ask someone like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk, relocatable housing is an ideal option for families everywhere. Reasons like those below are just some of many to consider if you’re looking at purchasing a home for you or your loved ones:

•    Stronger. Housing that is meant to be transported, often hundreds of miles, requires extra reinforcement to avoid transit damage. They must flex to accommodate movement and wind, which is something that traditional housing is not required to withstand. Thus, relocatable housing is naturally stronger than many other living options, reducing risk for you and your family.

•    Faster. Relocatable housing is built in a fraction of the time that the traditional home build required. You bypass dealing with individual contractors and crossing your fingers for good weather, instead working with reputable companies who can build in a controlled environment regardless of weather. Rather than waiting years, you wait a handful of months for your home to be complete.

•    Cheaper. Though relocatable homes are convenient if you wish to move, stronger to withstand transport and faster to build, you pay less than you would for a stick-built home. This, for many, is the bottom line when selecting housing.

Before you write off relocatable housing as an option for you, speak with a specialist in your area to learn more about why professionals like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat support it as an intelligent option for people of all backgrounds.

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Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Advantages of Relocatable Housing

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta, is the Chief Operating Officer of EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd. EnerStar rents modular-built, relocatable housing to companies in the oil and gas industries to protect workers from the elements and enhance their onsite comfort.

Relocatable housing isn’t just for gas shale plays and oil fields, though, it’s a viable option for families and businesses everywhere. Below are just some of the many advantages that industry specialists like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk see in this increasingly-popular housing choice:

•    Greener Housing. Relocatable housing is built in a controlled environment that reduces waste and can recycle the unavoidable waste for use on other projects. Damage to the environment surrounding your home is minimized with the interior building conditions, also, reducing the impact on local flora and fauna.

Many companies offer green options such as energy-efficient appliances, solar power, recycled materials and other eco-friendly building practices.

•    More Choices. Relocatable homes offer a wide range of material, style and color options for roofing, building materials, flooring, interior paint, exterior color, floor plans and more. Whatever you want in a home, within reason, can be put into your build to make it personal and unique.

•    Affordable Heating and Cooling. Relocatable housing options are traditionally – though not always – smaller, reducing heating and cooling costs instantly. Additionally, most adhere to high insulation standards, reducing heating and cooling costs with energy-efficient designs.

•    Better Value. Though relocatable housing is typically less expensive than other options, they can be safer, greener choices. Spending less for a home that is built faster with personalized options that can follow you wherever life leads is simply a better deal.

If you’d like to learn more about relocatable housing, speak with an industry specialist like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, in your area for answers.

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Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Advantages of Modular Building

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta, is the Chief Operating Officer of EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd., and an enthusiastic supporter of modular building.

Professionals like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk support modular building as a viable option for structures ranging from those rented by EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd., to large houses and even medical facilities. Advantages like those touched on below are helping modular building grow in popularity in construction industries everywhere:

• Environmental Protection. Modular building construction uses assembly-line manufacturing, which requires less energy and produces less waste than traditional builds. Many companies recycle leftover materials for other projects, reducing the millions of tons of construction waste that is sent to landfills on a yearly basis.

Many modular companies focus on energy-efficient electronics, higher insulation standards and an increased use of environmentally-friendly building materials, also, which further protects the planet.

•    Lower Cost. Modular construction uses precision equipment and is performed in a controlled environment. This reduces costs because it enables the workers to perform more efficiently, cutting labor hours and removing the “inevitable” ordering errors of traditional construction.

Furthermore, because modular buildings are stored in a controlled environment from start to finish, materials are never lost to weather, keeping costs even lower.

•    Stronger, Faster Construction. Construction is not only faster because of the climate-controlled environments – it’s stronger. Traditional buildings are exposed to the elements, but modular materials are protected, which increases their structural integrity.

If you’d like to learn more about why people like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat favor modular building and prefabricated architecture, speak with a company in your area with questions.

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