Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Advantages of Relocatable Housing

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta, is the Chief Operating Officer of EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd. EnerStar rents modular-built, relocatable housing to companies in the oil and gas industries to protect workers from the elements and enhance their onsite comfort.

Relocatable housing isn’t just for gas shale plays and oil fields, though, it’s a viable option for families and businesses everywhere. Below are just some of the many advantages that industry specialists like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk see in this increasingly-popular housing choice:

•    Greener Housing. Relocatable housing is built in a controlled environment that reduces waste and can recycle the unavoidable waste for use on other projects. Damage to the environment surrounding your home is minimized with the interior building conditions, also, reducing the impact on local flora and fauna.

Many companies offer green options such as energy-efficient appliances, solar power, recycled materials and other eco-friendly building practices.

•    More Choices. Relocatable homes offer a wide range of material, style and color options for roofing, building materials, flooring, interior paint, exterior color, floor plans and more. Whatever you want in a home, within reason, can be put into your build to make it personal and unique.

•    Affordable Heating and Cooling. Relocatable housing options are traditionally – though not always – smaller, reducing heating and cooling costs instantly. Additionally, most adhere to high insulation standards, reducing heating and cooling costs with energy-efficient designs.

•    Better Value. Though relocatable housing is typically less expensive than other options, they can be safer, greener choices. Spending less for a home that is built faster with personalized options that can follow you wherever life leads is simply a better deal.

If you’d like to learn more about relocatable housing, speak with an industry specialist like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, in your area for answers.

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Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Advantages of Modular Building

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta, is the Chief Operating Officer of EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd., and an enthusiastic supporter of modular building.

Professionals like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk support modular building as a viable option for structures ranging from those rented by EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd., to large houses and even medical facilities. Advantages like those touched on below are helping modular building grow in popularity in construction industries everywhere:

• Environmental Protection. Modular building construction uses assembly-line manufacturing, which requires less energy and produces less waste than traditional builds. Many companies recycle leftover materials for other projects, reducing the millions of tons of construction waste that is sent to landfills on a yearly basis.

Many modular companies focus on energy-efficient electronics, higher insulation standards and an increased use of environmentally-friendly building materials, also, which further protects the planet.

•    Lower Cost. Modular construction uses precision equipment and is performed in a controlled environment. This reduces costs because it enables the workers to perform more efficiently, cutting labor hours and removing the “inevitable” ordering errors of traditional construction.

Furthermore, because modular buildings are stored in a controlled environment from start to finish, materials are never lost to weather, keeping costs even lower.

•    Stronger, Faster Construction. Construction is not only faster because of the climate-controlled environments – it’s stronger. Traditional buildings are exposed to the elements, but modular materials are protected, which increases their structural integrity.

If you’d like to learn more about why people like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat favor modular building and prefabricated architecture, speak with a company in your area with questions.

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Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Reasons to Consider Modular Building

Richard Kowalchuk is a businessman in Medicine Hat, Alberta, who works with EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd. The company rents portable modular-built trailers and living quarters to oil and gas industry companies.

With points like those below, it’s no surprise that professionals such as Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk are giving modular building their support:

•    It’s Increasing in Popularity for a Reason. According to the FMI Prefab and Modular Construction Survey in 2013, thirty-five percent of United States contractors are using modular designs, as compared to eleven percent in the 2010 survey. This number continues to rise with each passing year.

From healthcare to family housing, construction industries everywhere are turning to modular building as a way to cut costs, improve quality and move with modern advancement.

•   Quality Standards are Higher. Quality is among the top reasons that modular building is gaining popularity so quickly. With strict regulations, quality control in modular building is second to none. Unlike in traditional construction, modular buildings are assembled in climate-controlled environments that protect the materials from the elements.

All building materials for modular building are also stored in controlled environments. These same environments allow workers to build in greater comfort with a greater ability to produce quality work.

•   Build Times are Faster. With construction teams working in comfortable environments, using controlled techniques with convenient equipment, build times are faster than with traditional projects.

Weather delays are also eliminated, which removes one of the most common construction site delays.

Professionals like Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta, support modular building not just as rentable living quarters for oil and gas industry clients, but for all people, from young families to successful businesspeople.

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Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat: New Ventures and Opportunities

Richard Kowalchuk is the Chief Operating Officer for EnerStar, a provider of accommodation solutions to the energy industry. With offices in Medicine Hat, Alberta and five locations throughout the United States, the company rents fully equipped well-site trailers and other portable living quarters used in the oil and gas industries.

As the company COO, Richard Kowalchuk looks for new ventures and opportunities for the company. “I have been involved in all new startup innovations and property development,” he explains. “I work with management in forecasting and budgeting new and existing growth opportunities.”

He began working for EnerStar as a contract Vice President of Special Projects in 2010. His job at that time was to develop real estate for EnerStar operations in the Bakken Oilfield in North Dakota. He later developed a manufacturing facility to build procedures and building practices for the manufacturing side of the business. He became COO in 2016, tasked with developing and moving EnerStar through a downturn in the energy industry, by turning the company into an integrated oilfield service company. In addition to accommodations rentals, EnerStar now provides water, sewer services, remote communications systems, and surface rentals. He is credited with reducing the company’s operating budget by sixty percent, while maintaining high levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

When he isn’t at work, Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat is interested in cooking and reading. He is active in community, and is also a fan of the Denver Broncos. He attended the University of Lethbridge in Alberta.

Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat: Small Living Spaces

Richard Kowalchuk is the Chief Operating Officer at EnerStar, a provider of rentals and sales of portable living units to the North American oil and gas industries. With offices in Medicine Hat, and shale plays throughout the United States, EnerStar ensures its industry customers have comfortable well site accommodations and efficient work spaces.

Richard Kowalchuk came to EnerStar as its Vice President of Special Projects and Sales in 2010. One of his achievements was the development of a well site trailer resale line, known as Outside the Box “”. He realized that the company could increase its revenues by promoting the well site units as an alternative to the standard housing market. The idea came at a good time: there has been a growing movement in recent years of people downsizing their living space with tiny homes. The average American home is around 2,600 square feet, whereas the average size of an EnerStar unit is 750 square feet. Downsizing to a tiny home has allowed some people to escape a heavy cycle of debt.  With the large supply of these units in the energy field we are able to acquire these units well below book value and redistribute them to the general public. This enables OTB Housing to help the accommodation field by reducing the supply of units to rebalance the supply and demand equation for well site accommodation units.

Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat became Chief Operating Officer for EnerStar Rentals and Services in early 2016. He is a 1991 graduate of the University of Lethbridge, where he received a degree in Management. In addition to EnerStar, he is the CFO and COO of Five Star Oilfield Communication, a remote communications company her started from scratch with two partners. It has been profitable since its inception in March of 2014.

Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat: Outside the Box

Richard Kowalchuk is an executive for an oil industry supplier company based in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He is the Chief Operating Officer for EnerStar, a company that provides fully equipped trailers and other accommodations, for use at well sites in the oil and gas industry. He started working with EnerStar in 2010 as a contract Vice President, and assumed his current position in 2016.

At the end of 2014, as EnerStar’s Vice President for Special Projects and Sales, he developed a wellsite trailer resale line called Outside the Box Housing “”, offering transportable homes to customers throughout North America. The units combine affordability, flexibility and transportability, and can be used as homes on recreation properties, as alternatives to tiny homes, or for use as just about any type of living space imaginable. Because of low oil prices and a resulting slowdown in the oil industry in 2015, Outside the Box has an abundance of unused rig site housing units. Most of them, Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat explains, have about 750 square feet of living space and can be adapted to just about any kind of living arrangement. The beauty of having an Outside the Box unit is that they can be considered an investment. When the energy market rebounds, the units can to put back out into the energy market, and sold at a profit.

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Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat: Chief Operating Officer

Richard Kowalchuk is the Chief Operating Officer at EnerStar, an oil industry supplier company based in Medicine Hat, and with offices throughout North America. The company provides modern and fully equipped trailers, along with other accommodation solutions, to the well sites of oil and gas companies in the United States and Canada.

Richard Kowalchuk first came to EnerStar as a contract Vice President of Special Projects and Sales in 2010. “I build processes for…EnerStar and its subsidiaries to develop a repeatable process to encourage growth,” he observed. Because of his efforts to develop a new sales procedure, the company’s national contracts increased by seven hundred percent over a three-year period. A typical EnerStar unit has about 750 square feet of living space. Because some oil fields are located in particularly brutal climates, the company’s arctic package includes heavily closed cell insulated walls, floors and ceilings. They include all the comforts of home, with features such as instant hot water, high back office chairs, leather couches, and pillow top mattresses. Each unit is manufactured to meet exacting safety standards that include smoke and CO2 detectors throughout the unit.

During the oil industry downturn, Richard Kowalchuk Medicine Hat was able to reduce EnerStar’s operating budget by sixty percent, while maintaining high satisfaction levels among its customers and employees. When the Medicine Hat, Alberta executive isn’t at work, he enjoys being active in his community. He is a big fan of the Denver Broncos football team, which capped its 2015-2016 season with an NFL championship victory in the Super Bowl.